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17 Nov

Fixate Gel Pad

Looks like a very useful product Fixate Gel Pads is a powerful sticky pad that is able to hold things in place. You can use it for almost anything! These super useful gel pads are great for all your fixing needs.Just click the link to buy it from amazon:

1 Nov

Heatless Air dryer | Heatless Air Dryer in Mumbai | Annair

Annair s Heatless Compressed Air Desiccant Dryer is designed to provide clean and dry compressed air for critical applications & for instrumentation and process applications as well. Some applications are, CNC machines, CMM machines, Spray painting, Nitrogen generators, laboratory air & gas applications, powder coating, etc.
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1 Nov

Moisture Separator | Moisture Separator in Thane – Annair

ANNAIR DRYCHILL TECH is a one of the leading manufacturer, industrial machinery supplier, solution providers of Moisture Separators & cooing applications that are used in compressed air systems to remove liquids and solid particles from the compressed air. We have secured a dynamic position in the market by providing a high-quality series of Moisture Separator.
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