24 Feb

The Law Office Of Ignacio Martinez

The law office of attorney Ignacio G. Martinez provides legal services to people who have been victims of accidents and personal injury caused by negligence.
Legal representation to file personal or business claims with insurance companies have refused to pay for coverage of damage to homes or businesses or have an underpayment to the consumer.

12 Feb

Heating oil distribution | Distribucion de Gasoleo a Domicilio

Distribuidores Oficiales de Gasóleo a Domicilio en Calvià y alrededores de Mallorca. Gasóleo para la calefacción y para diferentes usos domésticos. | Official Diesel Dealers in Calvià and around Mallorca. Gas oil for heating and for different domestic uses. Distribution of diesel oil at home: 971 670 739. Ctra. Palmanova Calvià km. 5,5 – 07184 Calvià

1 Feb

Pets Rock Our World

Knowing that a pet dog is in discomfort is distressing. So it’s an easy to understand response to want to do something– anything– to give the dog pain alleviation immediately.

Nonetheless, as tempting as it may be to reach for an over the counter pain medications such as ibuprofen, pain killers, or acetaminophen and offer it to the family pet dog, you should avoid them at all expenses. Over the counter pain medications (OTC medications) and human medications could be extremely dangerous, also d