9 Feb


STMspa is well known forefront technical solutions provider in every field of heavy and light mechanics according to the user’s requirement. We always strive to help our clients in each and every mechanical issue and fulfill their entire requirement to make them satisfied from us. With our STM Gearboxes you can easily make your gear system working smooth and improve the working too.

1 Feb

Truck Dispatch Software

We offer a comprehensive trucking app development and dispatch management solution for on-demand logistics. Our solution can seamlessly connect shippers to nearby truck drivers in a few simple taps on a mobile app. Fleet and truck businesses can leverage our customizable truck dispatch system to automatic their truck.

1 Feb

Taxi App Development

A smarter move for smarter returns. A comprehensive and fully customizable taxi app development solution for taxi and fleet businesses with branded and feature-rich apps for customers and drivers and a powerful web-based admin panel for owners and operators to seamlessly manage their taxi business operations.

29 Jan

Rent My Bike

We hire out exclusively well maintained, robust and modern trekking/touring bikes.Over the years, we have developed our bikes continually and adapted them to match the current standard with the aim of offering our customers a worry-free bike. Our latest generation of rental bikes were tested in goa for 24 months, and they were only used in goa as well once the results were more than satisfactory (no mechanical defects or problems / no flats).

29 Jan

car for sale near me

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