17 Jan

Schools with Holistic education

Every school is unique as well as effective in its own way. While most schools stress only on academics, some schools encourage sports, a few others are a balance of both. Schools with Holistic Education are a rare find. We are of the strong belief that education should be based on the surmise that every individual find recognition, significance as well as purpose to life that is primarily derived by compassion and humanitarian values.

17 Jan

Best Schools in Electronic City Bangalore

Wondering which school to enroll your child?This is one of the many questions that hound every parent. Best Schools in electronic City Bangalore, is one such must visit for when is boils down to a school for our children, we want the very best hence awareness of the best is integral. Education is one such opportunity that must not be compromised upon and every parent today would like to gift their child education.

8 Jan

All About Fashion

Fashion is a trend that we adopt accordingly with the time. It is the mixture of different art that are design into a piece of visual form. Delivering the new way of making your daily habitual into different pattern of makeover. It is the mixture of different culture with another culture. Indian institutes of fashion and design has implemented the new courses in Chandigarh. It is the best institute of Fashion design degree in Chandigarh. People believe that being the stylish with society is the