2 May

All about technology news

As every year brings in new hope and future aspirations, the year 2018 brought a
lot of new technological advancements to ease the daily life processes. recognition was
introduced by the tech giants and is gradually coming into the mainstream.

27 Apr

Blog – Technology

Digital mantra providing you latest updates related to technology and how to maintain your site in first page of SERP. We have an articles related to Digital marketing, Software Development, Software testing, Mobile app Development, Graphic Design in Future we come with more articles related to these topics please follow Digital mantra to improve your technical Stuff.

3 Apr

Building Single Page Web Application With AngularJS

AngularJS, developed by , is an open source structural JavaScript framework. It is the best used for building web apps as it is dynamic, and helps create Single Page Applications by just using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Angular is extensively used for developing responsive web designs that will make the web application usable with many devices.

17 Mar

Theo Apostoleris

I was offered an opportunity to build a custom web application for a company funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and thus was the catalyst for my career as a web technologist.

26 Feb

Hire affordable Xamarin Developer

At Hire xamarin developer, we offer offshore team of Xamarin developers with excellent understanding of Xamarin technology to create effective Native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. Our team of expert Xamarin developers are capable of delivering mobile application on a shared C# codebase using the same IDE, language, and APIs to clients worldwide.

8 Feb

Is Brain Computer Interface Boon or Bane | MCR WORLD

The technology is leaping the all the boundaries of imagination day by day. If you look back ten years ago, you will notice that the science has evolved such technologies that you cannot even think about in that era. With the advancement in technology, brain-computer interface technology has also evolved, which is the collaboration between brain and computers or any other device, which enables signals from the brain to do the certain external activity.