16 Apr

New Zealand Stock Photos | Pixipic

PIXiPIC was born and raised in New Zealand, like many of the people who make up this stock photography library. We strive to tell the story of the beauty of the people and the land while celebrating our cultural and ethnic diversity with those who now call this place their home. Our ever-growing photo collections span from North to South, encompassing children, youth and adults in stunning New Zealand landscapes.

6 Apr

Studio Recording Equipment in Dubai

Are you planning to setup your own studio at your own place? If yes, then what are you waiting for, go and visit Megasstar Technology who offers Studio Recording Equipment in Dubai which will help you in practicing and recording your music. Here, you will get all the equipments in a reasonable price that will not make you pay a lot of money for following your passion if you are a student.

4 Apr

Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers

Nothing sounds better than knowing that best cheap Bluetooth speakers save energy without compromising with efficiency and performance. Not being hungry for power, they run for hours once the batteries are charged fully. Buy Bluetooth speakers and make them your partner when going for a walk, feeling lonely or sweating it out at the gym.

31 Mar

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