5 Oct

Best Lift media and advertising company in delhi

Outdoor marketing has proven to be a highly effective mode of sharing information
regarding a new brand and advertising products or services to the audience. Out of the
various outdoor advertising mediums, lift media advertising is fast gaining its presence in
the Indian market.
As an interactive medium that broadcasts and transmits informative messages to the
audience, lift media can be installed both inside and outside of the elevator. The whole
concept of lift media marketing is to lure the a

3 Sep

Billboard Advertising Exempt from Planning Authority Control

Hoarding advertising agencies need to seek permission for placing the billboards on the public platform. Not only do they need the permission of the site owner but also from the local planning authority of that area. However, this is not always the case there are adverts for which no such permission is required from the local authority.

7 Dec

Effective Ads Campaign, Best Outdoor Advertising Portal

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